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Our vision is to 'Make Technology Useful' and we achieve it by building one product at a time that's culturally and contextually relevant to people in the region we operate.

Agrahyah is building a suite of Web, Mobile, and Voice products in English and Indian Vernacular languages.

We are a first principles company; and we  practise the philosophy of building things ground up to get it right at fundamental level.

Our portfolio of products are built on three cornerstones- Inspiration from humanity, Value for user, Scale through technology.

Flagship Products

aawaz.com is India's first Audio on-demand destination (app and website) with 100% Original and Professionally recorded content. We have over 200 hours of audio content in Hindi and 2,000+ articles

NO we are not a UGC platform.

HFTcafe.com will stand resolutely differentiated from the aggregators of UGC (user generated content) and one-off podcast channels through a professionally generated content (PGC) or Original Programming strategy that ensures our audience enjoy a premium listening experience.

HotFridayTalks.com is for the anxious millennial to beat FOMO and lead a better life everyday as if its Friday, every day. Available on the web with ad free experience.

We have over 10,000+ original articles in English.

Calculate in 11 different Indian vernacular languages! with reverse GST calculations too. Try it on your Android phone

Love Alexa but can't use it outside of home? Now take it everywhere with AOP for Android. It's free and works on all latest Android devices. Try the app now!

Alexa Skills

Alexa Skills built by Agrahyah help you make the most of your Amazon Echo and Alexa voice assistant. We even made Alexa speak in Hindi to make nearly half of India feel comfortable talking to her.

Want to know auspicious time? get 'shubh muhurat' from India Panchang in Hindi. Try 'Running Coach' to hear tips formulated by Ironman triathlete; or if you are in mood for fun, try 'Hindi Jokes' to hear jokes in voices of popular RJ Ankita and Himanshu.

India Panchang on Alexa is a solar based or Soorya maasa almanac.

It works in Hindi; You can ask  Tithi, Muhurat, Karna, Naksatra, Yoga, and Rashi.

Hindi Jokes is a fun box with hundreds of jokes recorded in popular voices of RJ Ankita and Himanshu.

Hindi Jokes is featured on Alexa Skills home page by Amazon and highest rated Skill in India!

Cant find your phone? Just ask Alexa to call your phone. Phone Genie is the easiest way to ring your phone using Alexa

Speaking Buddha is an audio library of Buddhist preaching.

Buddhist sermons are such simple and enlightening that one does not need to be a Buddhist.

Sunny Leone's real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra, she also goes by a stage name - Karen Malhotra.

Get more such 'important' information only on Bollywood Guru

Get inside scoop, trivia, factoid, and the fabulous life of celebrities.

Only on Bollywood Trivia

Running Coach - Eng

Running Coach is formulated by Ironman triathlete Akash Korgoankar to help you run better.

Get tips on diet, practice, running, avoiding injury and how to recover.

Get cardio health information in Hindi and English, expert created content to help you know facts, causes, prevention, symptoms, and myths about heart.

Just say Say, “Alexa, open Better Heart”

Actions on Google

Google Assistant adds the power of Voice to everything Google does- From Search to Maps, to getting things done with Google Home, Actions on Google is how developers and brands can make things happen through voice.

We are building a series of Actions on Google to excite Indian consumers and true to our vision of making technology useful for all

Speaking Buddha is an audio library of Buddhist preaching.

Buddhist sermons are such simple and enlightening that one does not need to be a Buddhist.

India Panchang on Alexa is a solar based or Soorya maasa almanac.

It works in Hindi; You can ask  Tithi, Muhurat, Karna, Naksatra, Yoga, and Rashi.

Hall of Shame

What if you could keep track of people, places, things and organization you care about? in your language.

Keen app was built to give you contextually relevant news in seven Indian languages. It had a grand launch at Web Summit 2017 held at Portugal.

Let say two people want to keep track of 'Maruthi Suzuki'. Person A is a Gujarati stock trader who wants market moving information, person B is an auto enthusiast in Chennai  who's waiting for next model of Swift. With Keen, both would get 'news' about exactly what they signed up for, in their language.

Why is it hall of shame?

The Keen app by itself works just fine, but on the supply side there isn't enough content available in Indian languages; less than 1% of the entire Web is comprised of Indian vernacular languages; this makes Keen practically worthless to user.

So much for AI and ML. Duh!

And now, Keen acts as compass to guide us in the right direction. Don't just build tech, build solutions, even if it takes creating original content ground up.

Keen News - Android App

An app to keep track of people, places, things and organizations; in your language. Simply put,  be your own editor to get news feed that matters to you.

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